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From: Larry Evans (jcampbell3_at_[hidden])
Date: 2003-04-02 17:56:47

Jason House wrote:
> Larry Evans wrote:
>>Reece Dunn wrote:
>>>Here is the associated code and example program.
>>Wouldn't the following:
>> *this<<iomanip::setw(m_indent.length * m_indent.level)<<setfill(fill)<<fill;
>> *this<<setfill(fill);
>>do essentially what indentor< OutputFileType >::indent() does?
> I have not read indentor's code, so I'll only comment about the example
> replacement code.
> My complaint is basically the same as my complaint about io_manip.
> The example code looks like it discards the old fill character in favor
> of a new one... and never sets it back. I'll continue to hope that an
> official implementation would not do such things.
My mistake. The second call to setfill should have used the original
fill character, whatever that was.
>>This implementation also requires the user to know when the
>>beginning of line occurs. That does sound pretty reasonable,
>>and I'm kinda wondering why I didn't do it in marg_ostream; however,
>>marg_ostream doesn't require this, and I'm wondering whether other
>>people think this feature is worth the extra complexity in
>>marg_ostream. Another indentor implementation is there's no need
>>to defind operator<< or all the primitive types as was done in
> I'll have to check that out, since I have no clue what it does
> already... But where can I find it? Searching boost...
> "Your search - marg_ostream - did not match any documents."
The location was "indirectly" mentioned in a previous post
(on 3/31) to this thread. It's part of: in the files/shared_cyclic_ptr directory.
I've got a number of tests; however, instead of boost/build, they
use make files and perl scripts. I'll post them in another
files directory, probably col_io.

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