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From: Guillaume Melquiond (gmelquio_at_[hidden])
Date: 2003-05-09 07:31:02

On Fri, 9 May 2003, Reece Dunn wrote:

> This is a patch to the library, until I can get CVS working. It adds several
> new features:

Since this library seems to offer an interesting way to deal with interval
display, I wanted to give a try. Unfortunately, the zip file does not
contain all the needed files (format_objects/basic_output.hpp for
example). So I took a quick look to the archives of the mailing-list but I
only found that you were unfortunately unable to access the sandbox cvs.
Could you please post a link to a more complete version of the library?

> [1] support for boost types in pair_output (interval, rational and
> compressed_pair);
> [2] static_nary_output outputter with support for quaternion and octonion -
> will add tuple support in the future
> [3] formatob - support for outputting non-list objects using outputters via
> my library
> [4] stl_io - optional header that supplies direct << operators for output
> streams with STL containers
> [5] I have added examples for the boost types, stl_io usage and the examples
> from John Torjo's library
> I am also looking at adding facilities to output just the first or second
> element of a pair (first_output and second_output).
> The discussions about how to display an interval are intersting - this could
> be supported in my library via several outputters, so you could render
> [1.23, 1.24] as:
> [1.23, 1.24] -- pair_output (already implemented)
> 1.2 -- may add this later
> 1.235 +/- 0.005 -- where you can change how "+/-" is rendered

It would be great.

> I am also thinking of a transform-based outputter that takes a transform
> functor and outputs the result of that transformation.
> -- Reece

I was unable to use your library, but I still looked at the code. And I
have a little advice: do not include "boost/numeric/interval.hpp" but
rather include "boost/numeric/interval/interval.hpp". Since you don't use
any functionality of the library, "interval/interval.hpp" is enough. It
may greatly reduce compilation time, and in this way the Interval library
won't bust your library if the compiler/architecture of the user is not



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