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From: jvd (vygis_d_at_[hidden])
Date: 2003-05-23 02:41:53

I've read many comments and so there're some of my thoughts.

uBLAS is a very nice library but I'm not sure that conceptually geometrical
primitives would fit in its context very well. Looking forwardly, there
would be not only hom. vectors and matrices but other geom. primitives as
well, e.g., segments, perhaps convex_planar_polygons, planes, etc. Having
planes and other things mentioned above - would be nice to have
Sutherland-Hodg. clipping algorithm, etc. These things can be very useful in
many contexts - not only in specific video processing routines (as some
mistakingly pointed out).

Also strong emphasis is on STL/boost compliance and perhaps learning curve
(besides, I've missed vector upgrading/degrading in many libraries - in
other words - derivation and its prime(?) (English is not my mother
language, after all) vectors).

I don't know where to upload this piece of code currently so I beg you
pardon for sending an attachment. BTW, it is by no means a final
implementation of things I've just written above. It's just an initial piece
of code - constructive comments, etc. would be nice :)

Perhaps it would be great to create a directory in boost code vault?

PS. Rationale for not providing matrices and operators related to this topic
is not only that matrices are not finished but also I suppose that matrices
are somewhat higher level primitives and wouldn't it be rational to provide
these operations with matrix class?..

Justinas V.D.

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