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From: Larry Evans (jcampbell3_at_[hidden])
Date: 2003-06-09 18:10:01

Robert Ramey wrote:
> In the course of my work I had occasion to make a small family
> of iterator adaptors for escaping/unescaping ascii text, and things
> like that. I made the constuction interface so it could use
> another iterator adaptor as a "source" thereby permiting me
> to compose iterators in any sequence (sort of like unix pipes).
> If there is any interest I will post this.

Please do. I, or you, could see if the marg_ostreambuf code could
be modified to do what you want.

> Subsequently, I had the need to output unicode as UTF-8 which
> is char based rather than wchar_t based. I used the code
> in the vault by Ron Garcia. This implemented code_cvt facet
> to do the transformation.

I should look at the Garcia code, meanwhile...

> It was irksome to me that that the interface for code_cvt facet
> was not mapable to my iterator adaptor set - or is it. Now that
> I have invest the effort to understand stream/streambuf/facet/local/char vs wchar_t/
> charsets/etc. I wonder if one can't make a code_cvt facet
> that would be constructed with an arbitray iterator adaptor.

I've created files/col_io/pipe.cpp with output in pipe.exe.output. It
demonstrates that two marg_ostreams can be composed. The 1st one
changes the margin and at some time puts "xxx" in that margin. The 2nd
just puts "yyy" in the margin.

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