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From: Greg Comeau (comeau_at_[hidden])
Date: 2003-06-16 10:58:28

In article <>,
Misha Bergal <boost_at_[hidden]> wrote:
>> From: comeau_at_[hidden] [mailto:comeau_at_[hidden]]
>> In article <[hidden]>,
>> Beman Dawes <boost_at_[hidden]> wrote:
>> >I've been working with Greg Comeau for the last couple of
>> >weeks trying to
>> >resolve various Comeau issues. If you look at the current win32
>> >(not win32_metacomm) results, they are starting to look better.
>> >
>> >But those results are generated from an internal versions of
>> >the Comeau compiler and library, so they aren't reproducible
>> >until Comeau updates
>> >their public distribution.
>> Anyway, I sent another beta to Beman in the past 24 hours or
>> so, and as soon as that's in sync, I'd be glad to provide it
>> to any other existing licensees a day or so after that.
>Do we need a new toolset for it? If yes - would it be possible to
>name it with compiler version in it. Something like
>"como-win32-" or for brevity "como-w-"

I don't know what previous decisions have been made about
nameing tools, but from what I can see, the above naming
does not appear to be consistent with the name of other tools,
unless I'm misunderstanding.

That said, there has been some leapfrogging over the years
between Comeau and Boost, and I think the thing to do for
now is to let Comeau and Boost finally stabilize. That will
continue to occur through June, and probably July too.
After that I think we'll be clearer on the baseline,
and perhaps possible ways to go from there.

Two issues, that I think that may come into play for Comeau,
is not it's version number but that it's available for
multiple platforms and also that it uses multiple backends
on some platforms. I guess, if things aren't too hairy,
it can be done in one or two scripts. Again though,
I don't know if there are boost policies about any of this.

Our internal goal is that get results for as many platforms,
backend, and standard lib combo's as makes reasonable sense.
That's long term though. For now, the focus is on Windows
with a VC++ 7.0 backend (soon to include 7.1 too, hopefully
transparently) with libcomo, and also on LINUX with a gcc
backend with libcomo.

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