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From: Alexander Terekhov (terekhov_at_[hidden])
Date: 2003-07-02 15:11:22

Alisdair Meredith wrote:
> The advantage of a single, separate file is that it is much less
> paperwork for an audit team to review. ....

I'm afraid that you're way too "optimistic" with respect to paperwork. It
might not be a best example... but here's a message [kinda "abridged"] from
my archive that was sent to me [and my manager] not so long time ago: <I'm
just too lazy to try-to-explain-it-in-my-own-words... so, here's **TOTALLY
UNAUTHORIZED** "derivative work" ;-)>

I am working with a team of developers here at <snip> on the project called
<snip>.  I need to complete a Certificate of Originality (COO) before the
end of <snip> so that we can ship the product to customer in early <snip>.
<snip> developers use code from public domain for latching and locking from
the following package.
   Package Name: Apache Log4j (from Apache Jakarta project)
   Package Version: log4j version 1.2.8
Since code is being used from Open Source for <snip>, IP legal at <snip>
requires that our team to complete additional steps in order for OSSC to
approve COO.  OSSC reviewed the COO and had pedigree concern based on by Alexander Terekhov.  I searched the header file
and found the following:
      License text (if needed): Extract from source code header
        Originally written by Doug Lea and released into the public domain.
        This may be used for any purposes whatsoever without acknowledgment.
        Thanks for the assistance and support of Sun Microsystems Labs,
        and everyone contributing, testing, and using this code.
        Date       Who                What
        11Jun1998  dl               Create public version
        23nov2001  dl               Replace main algorithm with fairer
                                    version based on one by Alexander Terekhov
OSSC would like to know if you wrote the code while employed by IBM, so
that IBM owns the code.  Would you please confirm when you wrote the code
(before joining IBM or while employed at IBM)?
Your prompt response is sincerely appreciated.  I need to get back to OSSC
as soon as possible.  COO completion is pending on your response.  Please
help <snip> team to stay on schedule.
Release Manager, <snip>
Notes: <snip>/Silicon Valley/IBM_at_IBMUS
Internet: <snip>
Phone: <snip>
Well, a bit later, the question/"IP concern" was kinda clarified:
"IP just wanted to know if IBM owns the algorithm."
OSSC stands for "Open Source Steering Committee" (a special IBM corporate 
group for things like "involvement with usage and/or distribution of OSS 
in any way with IBM customers", etc.).

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