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From: Miroslav Silovic (miro_at_[hidden])
Date: 2003-07-28 10:38:01

Well, nobody posted anything definite on FC++, which is a pity, since I
find this library potentially very useful. Here are some comments.
Caveat: I haven't extensively used the library, but I have quite a bit
of experience with functional programming. I won't comment on the naming
scheme or the docs - that was covered in the original post.

First, FC++ duplicates Boost::bind with its currying. Are there any
plans to reuse the Boost code for this? Boost::bind seems more powerful
and general, in that it can take functions with any arity and bind any

I think FC++ could profit from pluggable memory management, perhaps as a
policy parameter. In particular, zonal allocation could allow one to do
away with refcounting for calculate-and-exit trips into FC++ code (where
you just carve small chunks from a list of memory pages, then nuke the
entire block once you're done with the calculation).

One interesting Haskell feature that FC++ doesn't have are monadic
arrays. Are there any plans to communicate with writable STL containers
using monads?

I also couldn't find any reference to tuples in the docs. Is there any
support for them? (This could be a low-hanging fruit, since Boost
already has tuples).


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