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From: Philippe A. Bouchard (philippe_at_[hidden])
Date: 2003-07-29 01:20:07

I totally agree with your statements besides javascript, win32 & .NET
because you know better this stuff than I do. The only platform dependent
utils you need is stylish fonts, locales, frames, rectangles, windows &
menus in the end.

A spinbox is basically a lineedit with 2 button; a combobox is a lineedit,
one button and one listbox; a listview is a tree / list view; a spreadsheet
is a multi_array of lineedits.

[Excuse me I am deviating the discussion again]

What about:

ifstream fin(...);

fin >> myapplication;
uiout << myapplication;


Jonathan D. Turkanis wrote:
> Do I detect some sarcasm here? I thought it was fairly clear why I
> mentioned javascript, win32, etc. Did I say something you agree with?
> Something obvious? I can't tell.
> "Philippe A. Bouchard" <philippe_at_[hidden]> wrote in message
> news:<bg4unu$tc5$1_at_[hidden]>...
>> It smells like what I was saying in part besides the javascript,
>> win32 API & .NET. What is the definition of a widget? It is
>> basically the visual representation of a container. In ten years
>> from now, I expect to cout my application to the screen:
>> typedef tree<window< tree<container< list<widget<
>> list<entry<stringstream, ...> >, ...> >, ...> >, ...> >
>> myapplication;
>> myapplication application;
>> for_each(application.begin(), application.end(), print(uiout));

Philippe A. Bouchard

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