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From: Victor A. Wagner, Jr. (vawjr_at_[hidden])
Date: 2003-08-06 01:19:07

At Tuesday 2003-08-05 17:36, you wrote:
>In working with my date/time code I've encountered another problem with
>Boost. I can reproducibly get lexical_cast to segfault. It happens when a
>greg_month is lexical_cast to a string. I don't observe this behavior for
>years or days, just months. The segfault can be avoided by using
>lexical_cast<string, int> instead of lexical_cast<string>, but this
>shouldn't be necessary.
>Test case (note that WinXP doesn't complain when programs segfault, hence
>the Begin/End business):
>#include <boost/lexical_cast.hpp>
>#include <boost/date_time/posix_time/posix_time.hpp>
>#include <iostream>
>using namespace std;
>using namespace boost;
>using namespace boost::posix_time;
>using namespace boost::gregorian;
>int main() {
> const ptime t(date(1969, Jul, 21), time_duration(2, 56, 15));
> cout << "Begin!" << endl;
> cout << lexical_cast<string>( << endl;
> cout << "End!" << endl;

WinXP, vs.NET2003 (both debug and release builds) boost from anonymous cvs
that's MST.

Press any key to continue

I'm sorry I haven't built the libraries for my cygwin recently, I'll have
to update my "get latest boost" script

Victor A. Wagner Jr.
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