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From: Paul A. Bristow (boost_at_[hidden])
Date: 2003-08-08 14:42:02

attached mail follows:

I have found that there are some changes are needed for Eric Ford Units system
in (in the files section)

to meet the requirements of MSVC 7.1 - I presume to comply with C++ Standard
(I surmise that other recent compiler versions will also require this).

In dimension_list.hpp
 there are numerous requirements for typename to prefix add_frac, sub_frac ...

so these already long lines become, for example:

      typedef dimlist< typename add_frac<typename A::base1,typename
B::base1>::value, typename add_frac<typename A::base2,typename
B::base2>::value, typename add_frac<typename A::base3,typename
B::base3>::value, typename add_frac<typename A::base4,typename
B::base4>::value, typename add_frac<typename A::base5,typename
B::base5>::value, typename add_frac<typename A::base6,typename
B::base6>::value, typename add_frac<typename A::base7,typename
B::base7>::value, typename add_frac<typename A::base8,typename
B::base8>::value, typename add_frac<typename A::base9,typename B::base9>::value
> diml_type;

I suspect there are many other similar changes needed.

There is also what looks like a mistake in base_dimen.hpp where 'type' should be

// struct mul_return_type<ArgNumericType, typename inv_diml<diml_type>::type >
                        struct mul_return_type<ArgNumericType, typename
inv_diml<diml_type>::diml_type >

With these changes, I can execute example1.

It compiles without 'langauge extensions' but there are also very many warnings
at level 4 about unused variables, and very many examples of:

j:\Cpp\FordFunctions\units\base_dimen.hpp(82): warning C4180: qualifier applied
to function type has no meaning; ignored

Is anyone working on this units system? Eric?
Is anyone working on NIST/ Walter Brown units system now that it might compile
with MSVC 7.1?

There is still a great need for a units system.


Paul A Bristow, Prizet Farmhouse, Kendal, Cumbria, LA8 8AB UK
+44 1539 561830 Mobile +44 7714 33 02 04
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