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From: Victor A. Wagner, Jr. (vawjr_at_[hidden])
Date: 2003-08-13 18:57:38

I finally had some time to try this out ... the .zip flavor:
and came away confused
Installation...step 2.
>>Place the Boost.Jam binary, called "bjam" or "bjam.exe", somewhere in
your PATH. Verify that correct bjam is being executed by running "bjam
--version". You should get

       Boost.Build V2 (Milestone N)

not what I get. bjam starts running and complains about syntax errors...
even when I get it building boost (V1 by default) it never gives me a version.
Installation---step 3
>>Configure toolsets to use. Open new/user-config.jam file and follow
instructions there to specify what compiles/libraries you have and where
they are located.

I'm not sure what "instructions" are being referred to here..but I un
commented the line saying:
using msvc;

Installation...step 4
>>You should now be able to go to examples-v2/hello, and run bjam there. A
simple application will be built. You can also play with other projects in

C:/Projects/boost/boost-build/tools\boostbook.jam:86: in boostbook.init
*** argument error
* rule path.make ( native )
* called with: ( )
* missing argument native
C:/Projects/boost/boost-build/new\path.jam:42:see definition of rule
'path.make' being called
C:/Projects/boost/boost-build/new\toolset.jam:22: in using
C:\Projects\boost\boost-build\examples-v2\../new\user-config.jam:58: in
C:/Projects/boost/boost-build\build-system.jam:55: in load
C:\Projects\boost\boost-build\examples-v2\..\kernel\modules.jam:296: in import
C:\Projects\boost\boost-build\examples-v2\..\kernel\bootstrap.jam:122: in
C:\Projects\boost\boost-build\examples-v2\boost-build.jam:2: in module scope

I'm clueless
build boost:
C:\Projects\boost>bjam --version --v2 "-sTOOLS=vc7.1"
C:\Projects\boost\tools\build\kernel\modules.jam:203: in normalize-raw-paths
rule NORMALIZE_PATH unknown in module modules.
C:\Projects\boost\tools\build\kernel\modules.jam:252: in import
C:\Projects\boost\tools\build\kernel\bootstrap.jam:50: in boost-build
C:\Projects\boost\boost-build.jam:12: in module scope

Was I supposed to copy more of the files someplace??

At Tuesday 2003-07-22 03:06, you wrote:

>I'm pleased to announce that the next milestone release of Boost.Build V2 is
>available at
>See also
>for online docs (a copy is included in distribution). Changes in this release
> - Segfault on use of RMOLD builtin fixed.
> - The gcc toolset handles <threading>multi now.
> - A bug which blocked update of certain targets was fixed.
> - BoostBook support was improved.
> - Boost.Build bootstrapping was improved.
> - A bug which caused wrong suffix to be used when linking
> to prebuilt targets was fixed.
> - A bug which prevented free features, like "define" from
> being specified in user-defined build variants was fixed.
> - Detection of loops in main target references was added.
> - Bug with ":" symbol in properties was fixed.
> - Bug which caused inline targets to be confused with top-level
> ones of the same name was fixed.
>Since some bugs are important, all users are advised to upgrade.
>- Volodya
>Unsubscribe & other changes:

Victor A. Wagner Jr.
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