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From: Mat Marcus (mmarcus-boost_at_[hidden])
Date: 2003-09-02 16:23:17

--On Tuesday, September 02, 2003 3:32 PM -0400 Douglas Paul Gregor
<gregod_at_[hidden]> wrote:

> On Tue, 2 Sep 2003, Mat Marcus wrote:
>> --On Tuesday, September 02, 2003 2:00 PM -0400 Douglas Gregor
>> <gregod_at_[hidden]> wrote:
>> > I suspect they are both '4', but that leaves me even more confused
>> > as to why the alignment of std::pair<double, double> would be 8
>> > (and how to get a POD type with alignment 8 for ourselves!).
>> Yes, they are both 4. I suspect that the problem may have to do with
>> some unusual alignment rules on this platform. I believe that the
>> rule is something like: a double at the beginning of a struct
>> forces 8 byte alignment, but a double in the middle does not. That
>> is, given
>> struct A {
>> double d;
>> int i;
>> };
>> struct B {
>> int i;
>> double d;
>> };
>> then:
>> sizeof(A) == 16;
>> sizeof(B) == 12;
>> alignment_of<A>::value == 8;
>> alignment_of<B>::value == 4;
>> Fun, eh? I can double check the compiler release notes for the exact
>> rule if you like.
>> - Mat
> Are there any other crazy rules like this that you know of? We could
> just add "struct A" from above to the list of types, or if there is a
> CodeWarrior-specific extension (e.g., something like "#pragma pack"
> or "atttribute(aligned...)") we could start using compiler-specific
> extensions to do this, which wouldn't be a bad thing to do anyway.
> Doug

There is a #pragma pack. This is the craziest rule that I know of.
Perhaps Howard or Andreas could give a more definitive answer.
Following is an excerpt from some release notes for this

 - Mat

General Notes for 3.0

- extended alignment modes, Metrowerks conformed to the "Macintosh
  Standard Specification Revision 1.3" dated Dec. 5, 1996, and "Inside
Mac OS X:
  Mac Mach-O Runtime Architecture", version Preliminary dated March
2002. Apple
  has now decided that both documents are incorect, and that the
defintion of
  align=power is what ever MrC and GCC are doing.

  The rub here is that acording to this change in behavior doubles in
a structure
  are not 8 byte aligned unless the user aligns them manual by
inserting padding,
  or if they happen to be the first element in the structure.

  Rather then not support the existing behavior a number of new
alignment modes now

        #pragma options align=power_mw

        always implements the rule: When in power_mw alignment
mode, a special exception
        is made when the first embedding element of a struct or any
element of a union has
        the data type of double -- in this case, the embedding
alignment for all (directly
        included/top level) double members in the aggregate is 8. By
the rules of
        computing the embedding alignment for the struct being
declared, this will also cause
        the embedding alignment of the entire struct or union to be at
least 8 as well. The
        aggregate table entry for power is 8 for such structs.

        #pragma options align=power_gcc

        always implements the rules used by gcc/MrC:
        - the embedding alignment of the first element in a data
structure is equal to
          the elements natural alignment
        - for subsequent elements with a natural alignment less than
4, the embedding
          alignment of each element is equal to its natural alignment
    - for subsequent elements that have a natural alignment greater
than 4
      bytes, the embedding alignment is 4, unless the element is a
vector data type

    #pragma options align=natural

    always implement simple alignment with no special rules based on
the type
    of the first member of a structure. doubles and long longs are 8
byte aligned.

    #pragma options align=power

    maps to either power_mw or power_gcc depending on the setting of
the option:

    #pragma alignment_metrowerks on|off|reset

    If struct alignment preferences were set to "PowerPC"
alignment_metrowerks defaults on.
    If struct alignment preferences were set to "PowerPC MrC/GCC"
alignment_metrowerks defaults off.
    If struct alignment preferences were set to "PowerPC Natural"
alignment_metrowerks defaults off.

    When on power==power_mw
    when off power==power_gcc.

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