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From: Paul A. Bristow (boost_at_[hidden])
Date: 2003-09-04 01:50:12

Point taken - but if there is an easy solution that has escaped my notice...


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| Subject: Re: [boost] BOOST TEST and strict /Za no lanugage extensions
| option - virturenot fully rewarded?
| At 09:56 AM 9/3/2003, Paul A. Bristow wrote:
| >In trying to be virtuous and test everything compiled in strict mode as I
| >write it, I am finding myself thwarted by BOOST minimal_test otherwise
| >excellent test system.
| >
| >I aim to compile and test all my code with MSVC 7.1 in strict mode
| (option
| >/Za -
| >no language extensions and warning level 4).
| >
| >But in practice this is impossible using the minimal_test.cpp
| >because #include also compiles Windows specific structured exception
| >handling modules like winNT.h and these require MS extensions to
| >compile - otherwise zillions of errors.
| >
| >It is possible to avoid this by compiling these modules separately with
| >extensions enabled, building a library, then to compile MY
| modules >strictly, and then linking to the library, but this is a bit more
| >cumbersome than minimal_testing.
| >
| >This problem will also apply to all testing of Boost library items using
| >the minimal test if we try to raise the code quality bar to 'strict'
| >compilation.
| >
| >Is there any easier way round this so that minimal_test can be used
| without
| >linking with a library?
| If Gennadiy can somehow make boost/test/minimal.hpp (and dependencies) work
| /Za, that's great. But he is already providing a full object-library based
| solution, as well as the header implemented solution. Not to mention three
| separate levels of functionality (execution tools, test tools, full unit
| test). I'd hate to see added complexity to solve a problem that can already
| be dealt with just by using the object-library version of the tools.
| Minimal test was designed to be just that - minimal. It isn't expected to
| be useful in as wide a range of uses as the library as a whole.
| Just my 2 cents...
| --Beman
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