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From: Rodolfo Lima (rodolfo_at_[hidden])
Date: 2003-09-13 17:52:07

I'd like to propose an addition to Boost Iterator Adaptor Library. I've come
across the following problem: I have a function that inserts some data in an
output iterator (possibly a inserter_iterator), but the iterator's
value_type isn't the same type of the data i'm inserting. So i'd need a
"conversion" function between the data to be inserted and iterator's value
type. A more real usage would be:

struct data
    data(int _a, int _b) : a(_a), b(_b) {};
    data() : a(0), b(0) {};
    int a,b;
    bool operator<(const data &d) const
            return b < d.b;
            return a < d.a;

template<class OutputIter>
void add_random_integer(OutputIter itOut)
    *itOut++ = rand();

int main()
    std::set<data> setData;
    // I need to add data's do setData, but with data::a set to a specific
value, and data::b with a random value. How??
    // This doesn't work: add_random_integer(inserter(setData,
    // This could be a solution (with my function_inserter and lambda)
    add_random_integer(function_inserter(setData, setData.end(),
bind(constructor<data>(), 10, _1));

    return 0;

// function_inserter implementation

template<class Container, class UnaryFunc>
class function_insert_iterator : public std::insert_iterator<Container>
    typedef std::insert_iterator<Container> inherited;
    function_insert_iterator(Container &cont, typename Container::iterator
where, const UnaryFunc &fn=UnaryFunc())
  : inherited(cont, where), m_fn(fn) {};

    template<class T>
    function_insert_iterator &operator =(const T &data)
        return *this;
    function_insert_iterator& operator*() { inherited::operator*(); }
    function_insert_iterator& operator++() { inherited::operator++(); }
    function_insert_iterator& operator++(int) { inherited::operator++(1); }

    UnaryFunc m_fn;

template<class UnaryFunc, class Container>
function_insert_iterator<UnaryFunc, Container> function_inserter(Container
&cont, typename Container::iterator where, const UnaryFunc &fn=UnaryFunc())
    return function_insert_iterator<UnaryFunc, Container>(cont, where, fn);

That's it. I don't know if there's any other way to do it using existing
libraries. If there is, please let me know.

Rodolfo Lima.

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