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From: Beman Dawes (bdawes_at_[hidden])
Date: 2003-09-21 07:30:28

At 03:55 PM 9/18/2003, Smith, Devin wrote:

>A few comments with regard to placement of the license, references to
>the license, etc.:
>* Because the library authors are the licensors, Boost cannot change the
>terms under which their libraries are licensed without permission. If
>you can't contact the library authors or they won't agree, Boost may
>have to ship multiple Boost libraries with multiple licenses.
>Arguably you could have all authors agree ahead of time that by
>submitting their code, they're agreeing to license the code under any
>future versions of the Boost license that is developed and agreed upon
>by the Boost Moderators or whomever. Then Boost could update all of the
>licenses at once, having received permission to do so. I'm not
>comfortable with this for a variety of reasons including the loose
>organizational structure of Boost and the lack of any requirement that
>Boost contributors expressly agree to terms and conditions before
>submitting their code. I'd rather just see a reference by the author to
>a specific version of the license in or in association with the code.

OK. That may have the effect of freezing some libraries at a particular
version of the Boost license. It makes license stability even more
important. But that is probably a good thing anyhow.

>* I'm not sure whether anyone's arguing that new license versions should
>apply to licensees retroactively, but Boost really can't and shouldn't
>try to do that. Licensees have accepted particular terms at the time
>they downloaded the code.
>* I recommend that Boost not refer to a license _only_ by URL, because
>URLs can become unavailable for various reasons.
>* As long as there's a way to identify the license that doesn't require
>a URL to work, adding an additional URL reference to the license doesn't
>* I recommend the following:
> - Use the following text to refer to the license:
> Use, modification and distribution is subject to the Boost Software
>License Version 1.0.
> - Include a copy of each version of the Boost license in use by a
> shipping library in the Boost distribution. The version number
> should be identifiable both from the license file's name and its
> contents

Ah! The contents did identify the version, but the file name didn't. I've
now renamed the file in CVS.

> - Optionally add a URL to *stable* license text, e.g.
> Use, modification and distribution is subject to the Boost Software
>License Version 1.0 (

Thanks for the clarifications,


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