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From: Vladimir Prus (ghost_at_[hidden])
Date: 2003-10-06 00:07:04

Robert Ramey wrote:

> Vladimr Prus wrote:
>>Robert, could you clarify if default ctor is ineeded required in all
> Short answer is no. The serialization system does not impose any
> requirement regarding constructors.
> Here is a slightly longer explantation:
> case I Serialization objects already created - the most common case
> Objects already exist no creation necessary. serialization saves
> and reloads their current state.


> case II Serialization of pointers
> Objects must be created. Default non-intrusive load uses a default
> constructor ( which may be private). If an application requires
> a non - default constructor a non - default load and save must
> be specified. Usually this will
> a) save construction parameters before saving the object.
> b) load the saved construction parameters before creating the object.
> At the time of object creation the construction parameters are
> available so all is well.
> All the above is explained in the documentation.

Thanks for the explanation. I've missed that part of the docs.

> This circumstance which provoked the current confusion is a result
> of my interpretation of what it means to serialize a collection - in
> this case a vector.
> In such a case the most natural (to me) interpretation was to clear the
> vector and re-create the vector elements - STL calls default constructor
> in this case which you chose to make private to inhibit other potential
> callers.
> My response was that I didn't believe that one should even have
> a default constructor in such cases. I showed how to override
> the collection load function to implement such a point of view.
> Upon reflection, I've come to believe my response was beside the point
> and confused the issue. I am going to tweak the library so that
> loading of collections is handled specially and given access to
> any private default constructor. I now believe that this will not
> create any of the problems I originally envisioned.
> I believe that this should address all concerns raised.

I believe that's the right solution! Thanks.

- Volodya

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