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From: Philippe A. Bouchard (philippeb_at_[hidden])
Date: 2003-10-06 11:27:36

Philippe A. Bouchard wrote:


> Would you like me to rename shifted_ptr to gc_ptr since "shifted" was
> used
> as a warning but not needed anymore since make_gc_ptr is going to be
> used & os_collector will be discarded?

I was reading this "tutorial" (thanks to MS):

C# is using some mark / compact collector. It looks like garbage collectors
are using a lot of memory and the destructors are not even called in C#

What I am going to do:
- I am going the keep collector_traits<>, but move it in some hidden
namespace (detail::shifted_ptr::...) because:
    - it is not safe to start playing with (as mentionned by Doug as for
forward declarations);
    - I am going to keep os_collector;
    - I am going to add a pure gc collector tag (no reference count, pure
garbage collector can take place);
    - I need partial specializations if we are not going to use macros.
- The gc_collector I am going to use is the one I was thinking about this
    - mark heap "entities" with another reference count;
    - the sizeof(shifted_ptr<T, gc_collector>) is going to be sizeof(void *)
* 2;
    - optimized for single thread algorithms (will need help for
multi-threaded version).
- Pure garbage collector is not going to be implemented because is it too
much complex.

So in fact: by using the default alternative the smart pointer is going to
be resonably fast and destructors are going to be properly called even for
cyclic references. This is perfect.

collector_traits<> will look like:

namespace detail

namespace shifted_ptr

struct gc_collector {}; // pure garbage collector, no reference count
struct rc_collector {}; // regular reference count
struct os_collector {}; // still ownership
struct rgc_collector {}; // referenced garbage collector

template <typename T>
    struct collector_traits
        typedef rgc_collector type; // default one




So in fact the referenced garbage collector is going to be the default one
and destructors will not be postponed. I am going to keep the ownership
alternative because it fits perfectly for containers or other internal
usages IMO.


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