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From: Rene Rivera (grafik.list_at_[hidden])
Date: 2003-10-19 20:45:08

[2003-10-19] Robert Ramey wrote:

>I've recently updated my CVS tree for the development version of
>boost and found the following differences when I try to build
>and run tests from with in a current test directory
>a) The test executables are built in
>rather than
>as before

Yep, per design.

>b) process_jam_log seems to work as one would
>expect on the new directory
>c) I can't generate compiler status tables for one test
>I get:
>$ compiler_status --compiler vc7 c:/boost-dev/ compiler_status.html
>**** exception(205): std::exception: boost::filesystem::directory_iterator
>ructor: "c:\boost-dev\libs\serialization\test\bin": The system cannot find
the p
>ath specified.
>******** errors detected; see standard output for details ********
>suggesting that this program hasn't be updated to reflect a change
>in expected directory structure.

It was updated. I just was not aware of the use case of only generating
results for a subset of the tests at the time.

>among trying different options I get
>what is the recommended way to build and run tests for one library?

Just as you did before... Like I mentioned in a earlier email... This is now

>While we're on the subject of compiler_status program, I would much like
>to see a switch added "--target=<target name>" so that I could run
>the tests built in release mode. Perhaps other switches as well. This
>would permit me to run tests in release mode with varying combinations
>of libraries and maintain one table.

Not sure what you mean? I run the release version of the regression tests.
See the "Linux_RSI" results. Are you using the "-sBUILD=release" option?

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