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From: Robert Ramey (ramey_at_[hidden])
Date: 2003-10-22 14:47:32

A couple of questions regarding compiler_status and the build system in general.

a) Here is the output from a test

- <test-log library="" test-name="test_contained_class_xml_archive" test-type="" test-program="" target-directory="bin/boost/libs/serialization/test/test_contained_class_xml_archive.test/gcc/debug" toolset="gcc" show-run-output="true">
<lib result="fail" timestamp="2003-10-22 00:38:09 UTC">bin/boost/libs/serialization/build/libboost_serialization.lib/gcc/debug</lib>
<link result="succeed" timestamp="2003-10-22 06:21:37 UTC" />
<run result="succeed" timestamp="2003-10-22 06:21:37 UTC">assertion "false" failed: file "C:/boost-dev/boost/archive/archive_exception.hpp", line 70 12 [sig] test_contained_class_xml_archive 347 open_stackdumpfile: Dumping stack trace to test_contained_class_xml_archive.exe.stackdump</run>

the actual output of the program is:

assertion "false" failed: file "C:/boost-dev/boost/archive/archive_exception.hpp", line 70
     12 [sig] test_contained_class_xml_archive 347 open_stackdumpfile: Dumping stack trace to test_contained_class_xml_archive.exe.stackdump

when processed by compiler_status.cpp it is marked as "Passed" so something doesn't seem right here.
This was a test on the gcc compiler 3.2

b) The directory structure for the library and the test changes depending on the varients specified in the
jamfile. That is, if there are multiple variants specified in the jamfile - (e.g. static, dynamic) I get mulitple
sub directories. However if there is only one varient, I don't get any such subdirectories at all. This
makes if problematic if change the jamfile - which I do when testing. I don't know if this is intended
or not but its quite inconvenient.

c) when both debug and release subdirectories exist, compile_status just displayed results for the
first one it found. I would much prefer that it generate results for all "leaves" on the bin tree
with a separate column ( with header such as VC7 - debug - static) . Now there is switch
to select a specific compiler - there would also be switches to select debug/release and variant.
The default would be as it is now - everything.

I have to say I've found the build/test/status system incredibly useful for library development. I realise
that its a tough job and that efforts are underway to improve it. I would much like to see it have
"first class status" as a boost library component - much like the test system does. I would find it
very useful in other work I do besides boost. It seems that most if of it is there. Its just that it doesn't
seem "polished". I would guess that much of this would be remedied by better documents. Maybe
or maybe something has to be re-thought to make it easier to understand and/or trace. I don't know.

Robert Ramey

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