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From: Chris Smith (smitty_one_each_at_[hidden])
Date: 2003-10-22 13:02:10

1. Using boost for a while under Linux. Trying to build the CVS under
VC7.1 on WinXP.
After setting the appropriate environment variables, I tried to build
bjam using the .bat file.

   LINK : fatal error LNK1181: cannot open input file 'C:\Program.obj'

Googling about, this seems to be brought on by space characters in the
file paths. If that's true, it's self-commenting. :-)
Is there a Best Practice? Should I re-install Visual Studio into a
concise, no-space path? Looking at what got built, the static .libs
made it, but no .dlls.

2. Also, has the following idea been kicked around for controlling the
   Under boost/bin/boost/libs/, have a coded directory that 'flattens
out' the current branches into an acronym.

   Acronym would decode as:
     OS one char
     compiler three or so
     archive or shared one char
     debug or release one char
     debug level integer

   For example, w_vc7_s_r would be a container for windows VC7 .dll
release versions.
l_gcc_a_d2 would hold linux gcc static archives with debug level two.

   Any library that supports those characteristics would go in there,
date_time, filesystem, regex, and so on.

   Some disadvantages are:
     not as readily apparent to the user
     need to consider carefully exactly what values to standardize upon.

   (perceived) Advantages:
     more granular (especially if you like multiple debug levels)
     shorter paths
     (potentially) smoother library installs
     (possibly) cleaner jam files (I haven't written one yet, so I can't
say, but from some GNU make experience, it could help tidy things).

   I think boost is the future of C++. Thanks.

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