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From: Vladimir Prus (ghost_at_[hidden])
Date: 2003-10-31 01:42:03

Eric Frias wrote:

> On Thu, 30 Oct 2003, Vladimir Prus wrote:
>>> I was recently looking for a beast similar, but not exactly the same as
>>> the numbered_set you describe. Basically, I wanted an "Sequence Set".
>>> I want Sequence-like iteration and insertion/removal behavior, but I
>>> want
>>> O(log n) search. I also want to maintain the invariant that a
>>> particular value appears only once in the set.
>> Looks very similiar to what I wanted.
> I just wanted to chime in with a big "me too!" We have a need for this
> "Sequence Set" object in many places in our code. We have a lot of
> intrusive lists, and we've written a wrapper that keeps the list in sync
> with a set. But we've been migrating slowly towards using non-intrusive
> containers, and we need a stl-compatible class to use.
> For our needs, the sequence doesn't need to be random-access; usually the
> sequence is only used to output the contents of the set in the order the
> end-user expects. The usual hack of wrapping a list and a set together to
> accomplish this feels about as wasteful as using a multiindex_set. I'd
> love to see an Sequence Set-like object make it into boost.

For now, I can only suggest that you take a look at the code I've linked,
and send a brief comment -- i.e. is this similiar to what you want, or not.
I really can't promise I'll have the time to boostify it in near future,

- Volodya

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