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From: Eric Boutin (eric_at_[hidden])
Date: 2003-12-02 23:28:58

Hi ! currently beggining to write a librairy, I hope it would be accepted
in boost, and I would like your opinion about it

it calls function dynamicly, all in standard C++, using system(
std::string::c_srt( ) );

the librairy will be an standard executable file, and it must accept 3
arguments, argv[0] is.. argv[0] as usual.. argv[1] is the path to a file
that contains input info about the function to calls and the argument list
for the function, and argv[2] is the where to redirect the output of the
the the lib will parse the input file, read the name of the function, read
the argument, call the function with the argument and a ostream&, the
function will use this ostream to output things, and then the function will
then the main program will parse this ostream and extract data from it

the only disadvantage I found it the absence of a standard method of
exchanging binairy data.. so everything must be casted.. and it's not a
good idea.. so people will be forced to use only ansci data mode.. but
well.. it's the price to pay I guess

the librairy can be written in C, C++, as well as perl, java, python, cobol,
fortran, lisp, or anything else you could imagine... as long as it's
executable and supports command line arguments and reading/writing from/to

I'm currently beggining my project, any comments would be really appreciated

I took example on you boost:: guys and I put the whole thing in one single
.hpp file.. it simplify the linking a lot !

Thanks a lot for reading !

maybe someday a boost developper:
-Eric Boutin

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