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From: Neal D. Becker (nbecker_at_[hidden])
Date: 2003-12-09 08:24:43

I'd like to suggest that while std::complex has proven very useful, there are
some features missing. Perhaps a boost lib could be helpful.

One are of weakness is in mixed arithmetic. It is fine to use mixed
arithmetic expressions of 'int' and 'double', for example, but not
complex<int> and complex<double>. This lack of symmetry is not logical.

I'm not sure what is the best solution to this problem. I find this function
at least saves a little typing:

template<typename flt1, typename flt2>
inline std::complex<flt1> ComplexCvt (std::complex<flt2> z) {
  return std::complex<flt1> (real (z), imag (z));

Another area of deficiency is that std::complex<int types> doesn't support the
operators that int supports. For example, operator>>. It is not hard to add
these. This data type is very common in signal processing.

In my area of interest, which includes signal processing, I often write
algorithms that display 2 more attributes. Many times the same algorithm
will support both scalar and complex types. Sometimes a function definition
is standard on complex but is missing on scalar. In particular, I often find
the need for

norm (scalar type)

It is simple enough to add a default definition of norm:

template<typename T> T norm (T x) { return x * x; }

In a number of cases again the same algorithm will work for scalar or complex,
but for an algorithm operating on type T, you need T if T is scalar, but
Scalar<T> if T is complex. Again, it is simple to provide this:

template<typename T>
struct Scalar {
  typedef T type;

template<typename T>
struct Scalar<std::complex<T> > {
  typedef T type;

Finally, it is very common that a scalar function can be extended to complex
types by applying the function to the real and imaginary parts independantly.
This function is handy:

template<typename UnaryFunction, typename T>
inline std::complex<T> ComplexFunc (UnaryFunction f, std::complex<T> x) {
  return std::complex<T> (f (real (x)), f (imag (x)));

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