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From: Matthias Schabel (boost_at_[hidden])
Date: 2003-12-09 19:41:30

> Two questions:
> 1) What about something like Radians? I.e.: not strictly a physical
> dimension, yet which under normal circumstances should not be used
> like
> x = 5 radians;
> y = sin(x) + x; //>:-0

I haven't completely decided what to do about angles. At the moment I
include radians and steradians with the SI unit system,
simply because in practice they are often used in conjunction. I
haven't put in degrees or gradians because I have no use for them,
but it should be easy to do. I also haven't defined the trig functions
to take dimensioned quantities, but again it shouldn't be hard. Take a
look at the library and give me some feedback. You might like the
demonstration of a completely artificial system of units; check out the
files ABC_units.hpp, DE_units.hpp, and ABCDE_units.hpp to see how you
can define your own unit systems pretty easily (he says as the
implementer ;^) If you were only interested in angles, you could
define three units systems which only include angle tags and the
appropriate conversions and use those.

> 2) Where can I get the updated sources? I only was able to get the
> original because they were attached to the message. The updated ones,
> when I click on the yahoo groups link it says that the folder doesn't
> exist.

Hmmm...strange...anyway, I reattached the zip file to the files section
and tested that it works. Whatever the problem, it seems to be fixed.
If you still have problems, I'll send you a copy direct.

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