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From: Reece Dunn (msclrhd_at_[hidden])
Date: 2003-12-18 18:52:04

I have now fixed some of the issues relating to my library (like hte use of
throw() and double underscores), as well as making several updates.

Here is a list of points that I am considering with regard to evolving the
library. This is based on the latest sandbox version:

[1] format[$|list$|range$] -- sort out a consistent naming system; convert
this into a series of function aliases for formatob. E.g. formatlist( FI f,
FI l ) = formatob( range( f, l ), rangefmt());
[note]: VC7 and Borland have problems with a uniform formatlist name. Also,
using the formatob alias does not allow the following construct:
   formatlist( f, l ).format( " -- " );

[2] replace the array and container outputters with range_output in
combination with range( ... ). This will have an inpact on the type
deduction system (which i am considering revising).

[3] how do we distinguish nary< 2 >, nary< 4 > and nary< 8 > in the output

[4] need to implement putval to complement getval (based on your e-mail) to
simplify and unify writing to nary types.

[5] It is now easy to extend the list of supported nary types by adding a
new getval overload. This is where I see the type deduction system evolving
-- is this possible? E.g. something along the lines of:
   range_type gettype( std::slist< T, Alloc > * ); // slist support in type
deduction system
This would make extending the supported types very easy.

[6] Change the naming of the formatting objects to reflect the addition for
input support. My current thinking is xxx_object, e.g.

[7] Changing the output method of a formatting object to "write" to be
consistent with the "read" method being added and to reflect serialization
-- this may make it easier to implement interoperable I/O over display and
serialization libraries.

Thoughts? Comments?

Reece H Dunn

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