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From: Matthias Schabel (boost_at_[hidden])
Date: 2004-01-07 17:04:40

> In particular, I do not like defining dimensions such as length as
> types
> and units such as meters as constants, because it begs the question of
> how a dimension such as length should be represented internally (you
> end up choosing an internal unit to use). This

You need to be careful to make the distinction between a unit which is
a member of the "basis" for a unit system (for example, the units which
are bases of the SI system are meters, Kelvin, Kilograms, seconds,
etc...) and a quantity which is a scalar value in a particular unit
system. The abstraction that I've been using works like this :

SI<double>::length len(2.0*_meters);

where SI<double> specifies the basis of the unit system and the
precision of the representation of quantities and _meters is a
"constant" which carries only type information (there is no contained
value since it is implicitly one) and is defined to enable the use of
the * operator to form a quantity (value in a unit system) from a
scalar and a unit. The point of this is that, in the SI system the
meter is a member of the basis and the foot is a quantity which can be
expressed in meters while in the English unit system, the foot is the
basis and the meter the derived quantity.

> And, wouldn't this units library be much simpler to develop than the
> whole physical dimensions library? I think that Abrahams, Duncan, and
> Schabel have already pretty much described how to do it. The only
> difficulty I am aware of is the compilation time involved in handling
> lists of types that represent the different fundamental units in
> a derived unit.

The dimensional analysis code already exists and works : see
test_dimensional_analysis.cpp and included headers from YANL to see the
abstract system work, including defining dimension tags, etc...

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