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From: Michael Glassford (glassfordm_at_[hidden])
Date: 2004-01-08 11:00:45

Roland wrote:

> The original name of the Thread was: Boost.Thread: Wrapping Native Windows Event possible?
> (Michael Glassford <glassfordm_at_[hidden]>) wrote:
>>Roland wrote:
>>>If this really is not possible, isn't there a need to provide such a feature?
>>Probably, but in order to be portable it would need to be carefully
>>designed. What would you envision it looking like?
> I am not sure whether you are watching this thread any longer, but I
> changed the topic to what I think is more appropriate.

You can count on me watching all Boost.Thread related discussions: I've
regularly monitored all Boost discussions for a couple of years now,
though I've only rarely commented until recently.

However, I'm afraid I may not be as responsive as you'd like in some
cases because, as I explained elsewhere, the time I can spend on it is
limited and my highest Boost.Thread priorities are bug fixes and moving
things that are already implemented in the thread_dev branch into the
main branch. But I will definitely respond when I have something useful
to say.

> So I come to the following idea:
> Boost.Thread could supply intermediary (platform dependant)
> functions to enable eventual IO lib designers a uniform interface.
> i.e. on Windows supply a
> cond.wait_wfmo(L& lock , DWORD nCount, CONST HANDLE* lpHandles)
> while on Posix supply a
> cond.wait_select(L& lock, int n, fd_set* readfds, fd_set* writefds, fd_set* exceptfds)

Wouldn't it be better to wrap the parameters to the above functions into
a class and combine the functions into one? Something like this:

cond.interruptible_wait(L& lock, const I& interrupt_list)

where interrupt_list is a list of "interrupt objects" that wrap the
platform-specific stuff? This would at least help localize the
platform-specific code.

> Unfortunately I do not see a way, how this could be done without
> altering the code of condition.hpp so before giving it a try and start hacking
> away I would like to hear some opinions. Perhaps there still is a way to emulate
> this on top of boost.thread somehow?
> Roland
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