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From: nee Spangenberg (dsp_at_[hidden])
Date: 2004-01-15 02:15:35

Good Morning, Giovanni Bajo!

Giovanni Bajo schrieb:

> Daniel Krügler (nee Spangenberg) wrote:
> > Does there exist a boost::mpl way (?) to define my
> > boost::tuples::tuple<> inside the given
> > Test class template until the last non-mpl::void_ is filled into it?
> > (Iteration until end??)
> Can't you just say:
> typedef typename mpl::remove<InternalTypeContainer, mpl::void_>::type
> InternalTypeContainerNoVoid;

I probably could, but I don't think, that that will get the reached effect. My
problem simply is: How can I create a container class for those types contained
inside mpl::vector? Something like

typedef mpl::vector<T0, T1, T2, T3,...> MyTypes;
typedef mpl::container_tuple<MyTypes> MyData;

where "container_tuple" is a symbol for a tuple-like class, which contains the
types defined by the the types inside the mpl::container, which are between
mpl::begin(mpl_container) and mpl::end(mpl_container). I say it in another
way: A tuple class, which is defined by the size (and not the capacity) of an

Does there exist such a "mpl::container_tuple" inside the Boost.mpl library or
a workaround for this? (As I mentioned: Due to my restriction on VC6, I have
some limitations here...)

Thanks for your input,


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