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From: E. Gladyshev (egladysh_at_[hidden])
Date: 2004-02-06 05:29:53

Great job with the 1.31 release!

Just wondering if anybody else observerved this kind of problems before.
When compiling the code below with MSVC 7.1, I am getting this error:
test.cpp(123) : error C2039: 'set' : is not a member of 'my_type::test1'.
GCC 3.2.3 gives a compilation error as well.

template< typename T >
struct binary_variant_visitor : public ::boost::static_visitor<>
    T& obj_;
    binary_variant_visitor( T& obj ) : obj_(obj) {}
    template< typename VT1, typename VT2 >
    void operator()( VT1& v1, VT2& v2 )
        obj_.visit( v1, v2 );

struct my_type
    struct test1
    struct test2
        template< typename T >
        void set( T& );
    typedef ::boost::variant<test1,test2> var;
    var d_;
    template< typename U >
    void visit( test1& t, U& u ) //test1 doesn't have set()
    template< typename T, typename U >
    void visit( T& t, U& u )
    const var& data() const { return d_; }

    my_type t1, t2;
    binary_variant_visitor<my_type> v(t1);
    ::boost::apply_visitor(v,, );

If I change the last line to
  ::boost::apply_visitor(v, t1.d_, t2.d_ );

it works fine on both compilers.
I guess it has something to do with how
apply_visitor derives the parameter types.


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