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From: boost_at_[hidden]
Date: 2004-02-13 18:30:14

At 21:53 13/02/2004, you wrote:

>Mat Marcus wrote:


>(while compiling monad3.cpp)
>monad3.cpp:82: error: no type named `second_type' in `struct
>This is a template shadow parameter issue, related to the fact that
>OutputMonad<> defines an inner type called "M", but a template member
>uses M as template parameter as well:
>struct A {
> typedef int M;
> template <class M> //*
> void foo(void) {
> M m; // which M is this?
> }
>I know the C++ committe is discussing this issue at this moment. The argument
>would be that "M" names the typedef because it's "more stable" than the
>template parameter (which could get renamed in an out-of-class
>definition). See
>also for a detailed discussion. It's possible that
>GCC will emit a warning about this borderline case of shadowing, one day. This
>is worked around easily, by renaming the innest template parameter, in
>line 107
>and 110, and all its subsequent uses.

I can't believe that???

So for

int i = 12;
         int i = 123; //*
         std::cout << i;

should I expect an output of 12 because the other i is more stable?

Maybe I'm wrong, but it seems stupid to have one rule for one case, and a
different rule for the effectively the same case.

The sensible opinion seems that the lines marked //* take precedence,
albeit ideally with a warning.

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