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From: Eric Niebler (eric_at_[hidden])
Date: 2004-02-26 19:30:47

Edward Diener wrote:
> Yes, you definitely need to document this if the normal calls of
> std::min(x,y) or std::max(x,y) no longer work properly when including Boost
> header files for normal developers also. I do know of the workaround for
> VC++ of (std::min)(x,y) and (std::max)(x,y) which I have to use in my own
> code when windows.h is included. If things have gotten more complicated than
> this when Boost headers are included, programmers must definitely be told
> about or else one is going to have many unhappy developers on one's hands. I
> would have said to you that you need to write documentation on the changes
> before committing the fixes, and not considering the importance of doing so
> as an aftermath, even if only Boost developers are involved, but since I am
> not a Boost developer myself (yet) I will shut up further about it. <g>

I know documentation is needed. I've asked twice if there is an
appropriate place for such documentation. I'm still waiting.

Also, I think you misunderstand the problem and the fix. The boost
headers do not *introduce* any new problems with min/max. Any code that
compiles without the boost headers should continue to compile fine with

And I haven't sprung this change on anyone. I've discussed it on this
list for quite some time, and asked time and again about procedure. If
you had a problem, you should have spoken up.

I am happy to write the documentation. Just tell me where to put it.

Eric Niebler
Boost Consulting

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