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From: Pavol Droba (droba_at_[hidden])
Date: 2004-03-07 04:27:00


There are several problems reported by regression tests with the string_algo library
on vcpp and mipspro compilers.
I have no experience with these compilers and I wasn't able to figure out where the
problem is from the error messages.


Following message is outputed:

"/usr/vacpp/include/xmemory", line 120.23: 1540-0401 (S) The member "std::allocator<const char>::address(const_reference) const" is already declared.
"/usr/vacpp/include/xmemory", line 118.17: 1540-0425 (I) "address" is defined on line 118 of "/usr/vacpp/include/xmemory".
"/usr/vacpp/include/set", line 70.26: 1540-0700 (I) The previous message was produced while processing "class std::allocator<const char>".

    xlC -c -I/home/tk/boost_regression/boost -qNOOPTimize -qnoinline -g -qfullpath -qnotempinc -qfuncsect -qeh -qrtti -I"../bin/boost/libs/algorithm/string/test" -I"/home/tk/boost_regression/boost" -o "../bin/boost/libs/algorithm/string/test/find.test/vacpp/debug/find_test.o" "../libs/algorithm/string/test/find_test.cpp"

It seems that the problem is triggered in my code by calling std::set<char>( char*, char* ) constructor.

2. MIPSPro

In addtion to the following error in test framework:

cc-1040 CC: ERROR File = /disk2/home/tk/boost_regression/boost/libs/test/src/test_tools.cpp, Line = 195
  An identifier is expected.

      if( std::isprint( t ) )
I'm getting similar error as with vcpp:

cc-1377 CC: ERROR File = /usr/include/CC/stl_alloc.h, Line = 593
  Member function function "std::allocator<const
          char>::address(std::allocator<const char>::reference) const" has
          already been declared.

    const_pointer address(const_reference __x) const { return &__x; }
          A template was detected during header processing.
            instantiation of class "std::allocator<const char>" at line 92 of
            instantiation of "std::set<const char, std::less<const char>,
                      std::allocator<const char>>::set(const char *, const
                      char *)" at line 74 of
            instantiation of "boost::algorithm::detail::is_any_ofF<const
                      char>::is_any_ofF(const char (&)[4])" at line 201 of
            instantiation of "boost::algorithm::detail::is_any_ofF<const char>
                      boost::algorithm::is_any_of(const char (&)[4])" at line
                      143 of "../libs/algorithm/string/test/find_test.cpp"

Can anybody help?



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