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From: Jan Langer (jan_at_[hidden])
Date: 2004-03-08 15:30:44

I did a short review of this library.

- regarding the data() issue I think it should be mentioned that this
function has linear complexity. A name reflecting this behavior would be
even better.

- the difference between resize() and set_capacity() should be mentioned
more explicitly. It might be especially confusing since std::vector's
reserve is quite similar to set_capacity but has a different name.

- I am missing the counterpart to erase which shifts the elements before
the erased elements and not the ones after. Probably this is not
important but std::deque allows erasing at the front without
invalidating all iterators (according to sgi-stl docs).

- The insert() function has its rinsert() counterpart. The same issue
for resize and set_capacity is solved with the boolean parameter
remove_front. If this has an important reason it should be mentioned. If
not I would like to see a more consistent solution.

- In section Caveats:
"... According to the semantics of rinsert, insertion overwrites
front-most items as necessary ..." should probably read "back-most
items" if this is a valid english word.

- I compiled the library with g++ 3.2.2 and everything worked fine. But
when I tried to compile the example from the documentation with a
command line call to g++ I got the following error:

[jan_at_affe test]$ g++ -Wall -Wno-long-long -ansi -pedantic -I .. -I
$BOOST_ROOT cb_example.cpp
../boost/circular_buffer/base.hpp: In member function `void
    boost::circular_buffer<T, Alloc>::replace(Alloc::pointer,
    boost::call_traits<Alloc::value_type>::param_type) [with T = int,
Alloc =
../boost/circular_buffer/base.hpp:1137: instantiated from `void
[with T = int, Alloc = std::allocator<int>]'
../boost/circular_buffer/base.hpp:605: instantiated from `void
[with T = int, Alloc = std::allocator<int>]'
cb_example.cpp:10: instantiated from here
../boost/circular_buffer/base.hpp:1105: invalid use of member `

Without -ansi -pedantic it works fine. I don't know if it should work
with -ansi -pedantic but I thought it worth mentioning

- In general the documentation is quite good and well written.

- I didn't look at the code in detail, but in order to understand some
things I had a look at certain member functions and found them clearly
implemented and easy to understand.

- I cannot sufficiently evaluate the usefullness of this library since I
haven't had the need for it in my previous work in C++. Actually I
cannot imagine it being usefull in normal programming tasks where memory
is plenty. And I haven't done embedded programming in C++ yet.

- I spent approximatly 3 to 4 hours on studying the docs, clarifying
certain things with the help of the code and compiling and looking at
the examples and writing this email.

- I'm no expert in the problem domain. Just a regular user of std:: and
other containers.

If some points mentioned above will be clarified and if other people (or
me in the future) can find applications for it, I think its a very
usefull library.
Since I am quite sure that this will be the case I vote for acceptance.


jan langer ... jan_at_[hidden]
"pi ist genau drei"

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