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From: HIRAKI Hideaki (hhiraki_at_[hidden])
Date: 2004-03-15 11:47:40

Hello there,
I submitted a bug fix on read_graphviz() to the bug tracker (Bug
ID 865882, see P.P.S. below for the summary). When thinking about
possible fixes, I got some questions.

Q1) May boost depend on build tools other than C++ compiler?
There seemed to be a building problem due to the dependency of the
parser code on some specific versions of bison. This is not a real
problem because the generated C++ codes are bundled. I think the
dependency should be removed, if possible.

Q2) How easy is it to migrate a flex/bison code to spirit?
Boost seems to have its own parser generator, spirit. Its features
are uncertain for me. I just expect that it is straightforward for
an expert of spirit to write a reentrant parser to be replaced with
the current flex/bison parser.

Q3) Why boost::subgraph isn't general subgraph but "induced" subgraph?
BGL seems to have a fundamental restriction on reading graphviz files.
The graph data read in read_graphviz() is stored in the boost::subgraph<>
where any edge connecting vertices of a subgraph is assumed to be
part of the subgraph. This is against the semantics of the graphviz
format. For example,
    digraph g0 {
      edge [color=blue]
      subgraph g1 {
        edge [color=red]
        n1 -> n2
      n1 -> n2
this graph has one edge in the subgraph g1 (red) and the other not in
g1 (blue). But the graph read by BGL must have both edges belonging to
g1. I guess that the complexity to realize this restriction may be the
cause for the wrong codes in boost/graph/subgraph.hpp (see the comments
at the lines 603 and 612).
Anyway, a handy data structure to treat general subgraph is useful. I
hope boost::subgraph will be the one.

Q4) How are the graph adapters for graphs of graphviz library?
Another option imagined is wrapping the graphviz library. This will
introduce library dependency instead of build tool dependency. But no
parser need to be developed. A data structure for general subgraph
will be provided as a wrapped object. BGL seems to include wrappers for
Stanford GraphBase and LEDA, C++ libraries. How are they adapted to
graphviz, a C library?


Hideaki Hiraki

P. S. To Vladimir Prus:
I'm sorry to lay this subject aside so long. I appreciate your every effort.

P. P. S. Summary of the bug:
The problem was that calling read_graphviz() for the second time was
failed. The fix was to clear the garbage left in static variables:

--- boost_1_31_0/libs/graph/src/graphviz_parser.yy Fri Aug 29 16:02:59 2003
+++ boost/libs/graph/src/graphviz_parser.yy Mon Jan 26 18:16:16 2004
@@ -259,6 +259,10 @@
 graph_header: graph_type graph_name
+ graphviz::vlist.clear();
+ graphviz::attributes.clear();
+ graphviz::subgraphs.clear();
+ graphviz::nodes.clear();
     std::string* name = static_cast<std::string*>($2);
     graphviz::previous_graph = static_cast<graphviz::Subgraph*>(g);
     graphviz::current_graph = static_cast<graphviz::Subgraph*>(g);

This workaround was found without understanding the code. As this
worked for me, I gave up digging more. A better fix may remove the
uses of static variables. The item in the bug tracker has been
closed but is accessible:

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