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Date: 2004-03-18 02:57:44

Bugs item #918568, was opened at 2004-03-17 23:57
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Category: functional
Group: None
Status: Open
Resolution: None
Priority: 5
Submitted By: Nobody/Anonymous (nobody)
Assigned to: Mark Rodgers (mark_rodgers)
Summary: signals

Initial Comment:
//to suppoet intel-win32 under inter8.0, change bellow!


namespace boost {
    class trackable;

    namespace detail {
      // Represents an object that has been bound as
part of a slot, and how
      // to notify that object of a disconnect
      struct bound_object {
        void* obj;
        void* data;
        void (*disconnect)(void*, void*);

        bool operator==(const bound_object& other) const
          { return obj == other.obj && data ==; }
        bool operator<(const bound_object& other) const
          { return obj < other.obj; }

//Add by ty, to support intel 80 compiler, 2004/03/18
bool operator!=(const bound_object& other) const
          { return !(*this==other); }
                bool operator>(const bound_object&
other) const
          { return !(*this < other); }



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