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From: Patrick Hartling (patrick_at_[hidden])
Date: 2004-03-18 15:29:45

I am trying to make a 64-bit build of Boost 1.31.0 on IRIX using the
MIPSpro Compilers, but I cannot seem to get any of the dynamic
libraries to link. The bjam command line I am using is this:

bjam -sTOOLS=mipspro "-sBUILD=debug release <runtime-link>static/dynamic <address-model>64"

(I have $PYTHON_ROOT pointing to a 64-bit build of Python 2.2.3.) All
link actions for dynamic libraries fail thusly:

ld64: FATAL 12 : Expecting n64 objects: /usr/lib32//c++init.o is n32.

Looking at the output after the failed action, I see -L/usr/lib32 in the
link line, and I am pretty sure it should not be there. The complete
output of the first failed action is this:

    "/usr/bin/CC" \
        -o "bin/boost/libs/date_time/build/" \
       "bin/boost/libs/date_time/build/" "bin/boost/libs/date_time/build/" "bin/boost/libs/date_time/build/" \
        "-nostdinc" "-LANG:std" "-OPT:Olimit=0" "-OPT:IEEE_NaN_inf=ON" "-no_auto_include" "-64" "-mips3" "-O0" "-g" "-INLINE:none" \
        "-I/usr/include/CC" "-I//usr/include/CC" "-I/mnt/rigby/home13/users/patrick/src/Boost/blah/boost_1_31_0/boost/compatibility/cpp_c_headers" \
        "-I/usr/include" "-I//usr/include" "-I/mnt/rigby/home13/users/patrick/src/Boost/blah/boost_1_31_0" \
        "-nostdlib" "-shared" \
        "-L/usr/lib32/mips3" "-L/usr/lib32/" "-L//usr/lib32/mips3" "-L//usr/lib32/" "-L/usr/lib32/mips3" "-L/usr/lib32/" "-L//usr/lib32/mips3" "-L//usr/lib32/" "-L/usr/lib64/mips3" "-L/usr/lib64/" "-L//usr/lib64/mips3" "-L//usr/lib64/" \

All the object files being linked in this case are 64-bit, so I think
that the compile action is behaving correctly. Am I forgetting
something in my bjam command or otherwise misusing bjam?


Patrick L. Hartling                     | Research Assistant, VRAC
patrick_at_[hidden]                | 2274 Howe Hall Room 2624   |

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