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From: Powell, Gary (powellg_at_[hidden])
Date: 2004-03-26 12:25:55

>Hi Gary, thanks for reviewing the library!
  You are welcome. It's always a pleasure to see another cool library.

>Have you looked at the performance section?
  No, will do soon.

>Umm... Sequenced indices are modelled after std::list, which
>contains both erase and remove operations, with different
>semantics (remove meaning erasing *all* elements with a given

yeah but vector, does a "move"... blech.. its in the details section,
do what you want.

>If you still have time to devote to the library, please
>please take a look at the review notes on naming and
>header organization and cast your opinions:


  I like boost::container::multi_indexed_sets But I could live without the "::container".

I'm not crazy about lifting the namespace into boost. I foresee that boost is going to get cluttered so some organization early will help.

  "mix" hits my pun loving funny bone, hence it shouldn't be used! Besides "mix_in" has a different meaning and will confuse people. I don't have to type the name of the container very often in comparison to everything else so a clear name is worth a few extra characters.

Regular indices:
  I like "ordered indices" as it says what they are. I hate writing documentation when readinghte code explains everything clearly.

Index names:
  ordered_unique ordered_non_unique
  They say what they do. Always good for self docuementing code.

  "set_like" sounds so 90's teenage talk... "whatever.."

Nth_index_type & family.
  Yeah, I'd like to see the _type dropped. If you have to have a unique name, "_t" is ok, but still sucks.

Header Organization:
  The only reason for omitting dependant headers is if they are not "dependent." I.e. that you need the sub header for accessing the container, but the primary header is all that is needed to declare the container. Otherwise include everything that is required. (IMO)

>> Sorry to hear about your cat. I had one that only made it to 3 yrs, and
>that was hard to take. But cats gotta be cats.

>Thanks. First time I had an animal companion in decades,
>so I wasn't prepared for this sense of loss.

BTW, once some time has passed, get another one. There are plenty of nice
ones that need a home. Least ways there are always a heap of cats
in the pound. They are never the same but each has been worth it.


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