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From: Matthew Vogt (mvogt_at_[hidden])
Date: 2004-04-06 17:25:09

Is there any interest in creating a generic base class to encapsulate the
non-derivable class idiom, as recently discussed wrt Reece Dunn's error check

Since the the idiom is on a similar complexity level to that of noncopyable, I
feel it would be appropriate to encapsulate it, if a general solution is

The following simple base class implements the mechanism as dicussed on
Stroustrup's FAQ page, and encapsulates the virtual inheritance so that the
class can be non-virtually inherited, removing the most obvious chance of
implementation error.
Will this code work on multiple platforms? I have only tested on gcc 3.2...


namespace boost {

template <typename T>
struct nonderivable;

namespace detail {

template <typename T>
class nonderivable_base
  template <typename X>
  struct identity { typedef X type; };

  friend typename identity<T>::type;
  friend class nonderivable<T>;

  nonderivable_base() {}
  nonderivable_base(const nonderivable_base&) {}

} //namespace detail

template <typename T>
struct nonderivable : public virtual detail::nonderivable_base<T>

} // namespace boost

// ------------------------

struct A : public boost::nonderivable<A> {};
struct B : public A {};

A a; // Ok
B b; // Error - cannot be instantiated

// ------------------------


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