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From: Matthew Vogt (mvogt_at_[hidden])
Date: 2004-04-17 18:22:26

Robert Ramey <ramey <at>> writes:

> Basically, I see this as a very positive thing and want to do everything I
> can to support your efforts. Your code supports save and load for two new
> formats (XDR and CDR). This is a valuable contribution. I'm also pleased
> that the serialization library has been deemed (at least by one person) to
> be worthy of investment of such an effort ( 1500 lines of code !).

Actually, XDR and CDR are of secondary interest for me; I'm interested in being
able to save to proprietary formats (which often means that the applications
involved never got around to specifying a standard format...). There must be
thousands of ad-hoc binary formats in use today.

> 1) I wonder why you derived ordered_oarchive from
> basic_binary_oprimitive<Archive, OStream> . It doesn't seem that any of the
> functionality basic_binary_oprimitive actually used. I presume the same goes
> for ordered_iarchive .

I'm using the save_binary / load_binary functions from basic_binary_oprimitive
and basic_binary_iprimitive.

> 2) there's some stuff in boost that addresses alignment in a guaranteed?
> Portable manner that may relevant here. Sse #include
> <boost/aligned_storage.hpp> . BTW - the best way to make your code portable
> without cluttering up with #ifdef etc... is to use more boost stuff - let
> other people clutter up their code with #ifdef all over the place.

Yes, but the aligned_storage template helps with platform-specific alignment
within the machine. I don't see how it helps with platform-independent
alignment within the content of the archive...

> 3) I'm curious about the override for the saving of vector. It seems to me
> equivalent to the one included with the system. And if vector requires
> special treatment, what about the list, et al. This doesn't seem necessary
> to me. Perhaps the fact that I did treat strings specially was misleading.
> I considered this a special case. I don't think vectors are in this
> context.

I need to override the serialization of vector, because the vector must be
serialized with a known policy to yield a required layout in the archive. The
fact that this serialization happens (at this point in time) to be exactly the
same as the default implementation is not relevant - that can be changed at
any time, but the CDR, XDR and other binary formats must not change.

[ Points 4-6 conceded ]

> 7) I'm just a little queasy about using the term marshalling. In fact any
> of the archive implementations could be used for marshalling - not just a
> binary one (XML is the favorite flavor of the month). So I think it's sort
> of misleading. I think it is very helpful that your naming scheme
> xdr_oarchive, cdr_oarchive, leverages on the existing one.

Yes, I see what you're saying. I'll have a think about this - but the term
'marshalling' is not particularly prevalent in the code. Even if the term
does have broad application, I think I am using it in the traditional sense.

> 8) in my native binary archive, I used a template parameter for the stream
> class. As it stands, I don't test or use the corresponding archive for wide
> character streams because the WEOF would need special treatment. I haven't
> spent any time on this. Perhaps you've addressed this in some way.

No, I was hoping you'd have it all sorted out - I've never used a stream
specialised with anything but char. In fact, it doesn't really make sense to
me, to produce binary output as anything but a byte stream - I was just
following your lead, really :)

> I didn't look in that much detail. I suspect that's enough to keep you
> motivated. Good luck and thanks for working on and with the library.

Yes, thanks for your comments.
Working with the library is a pleasure.


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