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From: Brian Braatz (brianb_at_[hidden])
Date: 2004-05-26 19:22:11

(My own post got me thinking some more). I am new to boost, and do not
fully have my head around all that exists. But I am asking a general
question here, has anyone tried running boost under "Managed C++", I
assume there is a lot of RAII type of usage in boost that I assume would
break. Or am I misunderstanding something?

Thanks to anyone who can clarify.

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From: Brian Braatz
Sent: Wednesday, May 26, 2004 5:18 PM
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Subject: RE: [boost] Re: [prereview request][fsm]

My 2 cents
This is certainly doable. However, I'm unsure whether the current
> design allows a you-don't-pay-for-what-you-don't-use implementation of

> such a feature. Plus, I'm still not convinced that this feature would
> be used more than rarely. Do you have some real-world use cases in

[David Abrahams]
Unfortunately I'm not so familiar with what exit actions in FSMs are
typically used for, but from an abstract point of view I don't think of
resource releasing as an "action". If you were writing this stuff in a
GC'd language, for the most part, you wouldn't devote any exit action
code to resource releases.
I think this is a very good point as MS seems (IMO\whether I like it or
not) to be driving us down a managed GC path for future C++ efforts.
This is something to deeply consider. Not that MS is "everything", but
they do have a lot of C++ developers using their tools and os's.

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