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From: Joel de Guzman (joel_at_[hidden])
Date: 2004-05-27 20:04:34

Eric Niebler wrote:

> My point was that rule<> doesn't "do as the ints do", which can be
> surprising to some.

well, rule(s) do as the refs do :-), to be precise. They aren't
values, they are references.

> I would love for this to work:
> rule<> a;
> {
> rule <> b;
> // match balanced, nested parens.
> // b refers to itself by reference
> // (Note: ! means optional, no special syntax
> // required to get by-ref semantics here)
> b = '(' >> !b >> ')';
> // a assumes b's behavior
> a = b;
> }
> // a still has b's behavior.
> // this matches balanced, nested parens
> parse( "(())", a );
> Currently, this crashes because 'a' holds 'b' by reference and tries to
> access it after 'b' has gone out of scope and been destroyed. I haven't
> yet thought of a way to make this work, but I'm not convinced it's
> impossible.
> I now agree that rules should have by-ref semantics when embedded in
> another rule. But in simple assignment statements ("a=b;"), it would be
> nice if rules behaved as the ints do. I'm sure this will draw fire from
> the EBNF purists who want rule assignment to have by-ref semantics, but
> IMO C++ types that don't have normal copy and assignment semantics are
> just hard to work with.

What you outlined here is actually the semantics of the stored_rule
that I mentioned a few posts ago:

If one wants this semantics, she can have it. Actually, stored_rule
can also do what you suggested in a previous post (regarding the &r
or ref(r). The difference is that by default, stored_rule(s) are
held by reference, unless otherwise notified to do a "copy":

     start = *(a | b | c);

is equivalent to:

     stored_rule<> start;

     start = a;
     start = start.copy() | b;
     start = start.copy() | c;
     start = *(start.copy());

and, yes, stored_rule(s) use shared_ptr. So, again, be wary of cycles.
I was so eager when Lary Evans hinted at a shared_ptr implementatiion
with GC. I'm still so eager!


Joel de Guzman

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