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From: slavek.f.kuzniar_at_[hidden]
Date: 2004-06-01 10:00:55

I downloaded the library from the yahoo link you mentioned in the review
request. When trying to use 'filtered_stream' I ran into some compilation
issues (RedHat 9, g++ 3.3) and before looking into it I wanted to know the
review status. Knowing that the library is in the review pipeline I will
give it another try.

Some time ago I developed simple iostream adapter 'library' that allows to
wrap IO device (sockets, pipes, etc) in std::[i,o,io]stream that is very
similar to your sink/source technique. One difference is that the adapter
is a template class parameterized by the source/sink types. Since your
library offers this functionality (plus much more) I am very pleased it
will become part of boost soon.

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<slavek.f.kuzniar_at_[hidden]> wrote in message

> On Boost mailing archives I found a review request for Iostreams
> by Jonathan Turkanis. I did not see any follow-up and the library is
> part of latest release so I suspect the review did not happen.
Anyone knows
> what is the fate of this library?

Thanks for your interest!

The previous version available at

I've since made some major simplifications and improvements, and am
scrambing to update the docs. It now contains support for
memory-mapped files (from Craig Henderson) and for compression and
decompression in the zlib, gzip and bzip2 formats.


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