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From: Chuck Allison (chuck_at_[hidden])
Date: 2004-06-15 10:40:10

brlbo> This is very impressive, but from the standpoint of the reader it
brlbo> appears very much to be a direct competitor to CUJ's Experts' Forum. Do
brlbo> you think there is room for both initiatives? Don't get me wrong, I do
brlbo> hope there is, but I'm afraid there might not be.

brlbo> Cheers,
brlbo> Nicola Musatti

If you look at the members of the Editorial Board, please keep in mind
that we all have been discussing the kind of Zine *they* would like to
see, in the hopes that such a thing would be of value to other C++
enthusiasts. This makes it, IMO, very different than CUJ. I can say no
more about this here, but it will be different than CUJ indeed. There
is room for both venues (some people strongly prefer print), but I
think Boost folks will prefer what will appear over time in The C++
Source. If I (and the Board) didn't, we wouldn't waste our time.
Having been instrumental in both publications, I know the difference.
The fact that *for now* no one is getting paid should lend some
credibility to the effort (but see below for more on that).

In addition, anyone can contribute, not just "experts". This is an
important distinction. (Besides, even Andrei Alexendrescu was an
unknown until Scott Meyers "discovered" him. Latent experts need a
venue to precede their notoriety).

brlbo> If there's only room for one, I would prefer the one that is explicitly
brlbo> peer reviewed, myself. I understand that programming in C++ is
brlbo> an engineering pursuit, and not an academic/scientific one, but I
brlbo> don't see that as a reason to hold it to a lesser standard.

brlbo> Dave (Held)

It won't be an academic journal, only peer reviewed. The articles will
be written by and for C++ practitioners. The reviewing makes for
better content, clearly. I see it sort of a publication equivalent of
Boost - a place for peer-reviewed articles instead of software.

FYI, the funds at CUJ dwindled so terribly (note the current minimized
page count and disappearance of certain columns, letters, etc.) that I
had to depend on the gracious kindness of my colleagues to review
articles gratis. I don't know what the current arrangements are there
(I have reason to believe that no one reviews articles there except
the editor-in-chief, but that will have to be a private discussion),
but the only people reviewing articles at CUJ besides myself for
2002-2003 were David Abrahams, Bjorn Karlsson, and Kevlin Henney. I
managed to get a (very) few pennies for only one of them. When the
holding company fired everyone but me and folded production into the
DDJ machine, I left. That was October 2003. I tested the waters for a
new Zine, a place with quality you can trust, by emailing those whose
names appear on the Editorial Board of The C++ Source. The response
was overwhelmingly positive - I can provide you moving quotes for the
value of an online, peer-reviewed Zine from these experts we revere.
The fact that things incubated until now shows our careful and good
intentions. It is important to me that you (the Boost Community)
understand this.

brlbo> Actually I like the idea that people should get paid for their efforts,
brlbo> while at the same time I do very much appreciate the efforts of those who
brlbo> don't get paid such as the Boost developers in putting out free software.
brlbo> My suggestion for a subscription to the C++ Zine was to help those who were
brlbo> willing to put out the effort of writing articles, and developing software
brlbo> based on them, to get paid.


A valid point, with which I agree, but they *will* get paid, just not
immediately. We have some advertising lined up and some other
hopefuls. I think we'll get to the point where the remuneration will
be worthwhile. We ourselves are professionals, and want to get paid,
and don't want to slight anyone. The difference between The C++ Source
and other venues is that we are not owned by a holding company needing
to make Wall Street happy, and who from an uninformed distance may
fire an entire long-standing family of fruitful employees to fill
investors' pockets. [The people in Lawrence, Kansas, who made CUJ what
it is over the last 20 years, were all given their walking papers - I
mean, who needs *them*, after all?!] Hats off to the pioneers who have
donated initial articles and other contributions to this new endeavor.

Now that we've all had a chance to express opinions (thank you!), may
I once again just invite you to read and contribute to The C++ Source,
a peer-reviewed Zine created by and for people such as yourselves.
Please send proposals, articles, and other offers of service to me at Thank you!

Best regards,
 Chuck Allison

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