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From: Christoph Ludwig (cludwig_at_[hidden])
Date: 2004-06-25 04:48:37

On Thu, Jun 24, 2004 at 05:51:15PM +0200, Daniel Frey wrote:
> Robert Ramey wrote:
> This *should* work. IMHO, if it doesn't, we should fix it, not work
> around it like Michiel suggested.

BOOST_STATIC_ASSERT(false) expands to a typedef that does not contain
any dependent expression. I didn't check the detailed rules in my copy
of the template book by Vandevoorde and Josuttis, but I think a
compiler should check this typedef even if the function template is
not instantiated.

> >However, its doesn't work
> >with compilers that are too smart for their own good. In order to make
> >this
> >work I need something like:
> Which compiler and which version of boost and the Compiler are you
> using? Can you provide a minimal but complete example? Also, you might
> want to have a look at checked_delete where we had similar problems in
> the past IIRC.

Try the following program:

  #include <boost/static_assert.hpp>
  template <typename T>
  void f(T t) {
    BOOST_STATIC_ASSERT(sizeof(T) && false);
  void g(int i) {

g++ 3.3.1 accepts it unless you define INSTANTIATE_F.
g++ 3.4.0 rejects it unless you define DEPENDENT_ASSERT_CONDITION (and
don't define INSTANTIATE_F, of course).

I don't know if my solution (sizeof(T) && false) has any
(dis-)advantages compared to Michiel's solution ((T*) 0).



PS: Ramey, I patched your serialization library (based on such that g++ 3.4 compiles the
    examples. Besides above problem and the many errors due to the
    unqualified use of dependent names I had to work around a bug in
    libstdc++v3 (PR#16154). But I didn't have the time yet for
    extensive tests.
    If you are interested then I can send you my patches.


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