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From: Dave Harris (brangdon_at_[hidden])
Date: 2004-07-09 13:36:06

In-Reply-To: <200407081913.i68JD5d00852_at_[hidden]>
stewart_at_[hidden] (Rob Stewart) wrote (abridged):
> I overstated the case. How many types will one have to overload
> operator<< (and operator>>) for? The combinatorial explosion
> (containers X types to use with the initialization library X 2)
> will be overwhelming.

You've lost me. Why does the choice of operator<<() instead of operator,()
produce a combinatorial explosion of overloads? It's mostly just a change
of name.

> I still think of operator<< and operator>> as doing formatted I/O.

Well, at one time we all thought it did bitwise shifts.

-- Dave Harris, Nottingham, UK

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