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From: Robert Ramey (ramey_at_[hidden])
Date: 2004-07-19 11:51:52

> Yes. But did anyone try other non intrusive approaches? Here are some
> possibilities:

Yesterday I studied this question carefully in light of the experience
gained from testing with my own compilers and reviewing the test results.

I altered the utf8_codecvt_facet.cpp to make it more correct and more
obvious as to the issues it addresses with regard to each compiler. I
tested on all the compilers I have (borland 5.51, borland 5.60, msvc 6.0,
msvc-stlport, msvc 7.1 and gcc 3.3/cygwin and was satisfied with the
results. I am awaiting test results for other compilers. I'm hopeful that
this will achieve results satisfactory to all concerned.

Vladimir's point is a interesting one: The is code module doesn't really
belong to either package - the question arises as to where it should be
placed. If I leave in the serialization package or Vladimir leaves it in
the program options package its unsatisfactory as we either have to more or
less identical packages or a non-sensical cross dependency. There is
currently not neutral place for *.cpp code, docs and tests for unreviewed
code of this nature.

As to the particular case of this code module, there was an open invitation
to review/scrutinize it and several people did comment it should be moved to
boost directory/namespace, Vladimir found it sufficiently useful to copy it
into the program options project. No one has found any major fault with its
design, interface or implementation. The only problem has is that it
depends upon libraries whose implementation is inconsistent in this area and
this is being addressed and resolved by testing. My only regret is that
Vladimir didn't communicate to me the changes he saw fit to make. I
certainly would have been very happy to either incorporate the changes he
included for CW (as I did the changes submitted by Pavel Vozenilek).
Actually I would have been happy to hand this off to Vladimir or anyone else
who would like to take responsibility for it as it's really peripheral to
the serialization library in any case.

Robert Ramey

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