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From: Robert Ramey (ramey_at_[hidden])
Date: 2004-07-23 01:20:10

Edward Diener wrote:

>> If you don't
>> want to take the 15 minutes to do this, you can build with an older
>> compiler and without spirit at all, you could easily modify the
>> jamfile. Spirit is only used in the building of the library.

>How can the jamfile be modified so that those who have an older compiler,
>and don't need Spirit 1.6 for XML serialization, can build the
>serialization library without Spirit 1.6 ? That was my point essentially.

In order to compile with older compilers the variable SPIRIT_ROOT has to be
defined and point to the root where spirit is installed.

So the build jamfile would have to be modified so that that the modules for
XML are build if and only if:

a) If the compiler is an older compiler
b) && SPIRIT_ROOT is defined to something not null
c) || the compiler is a newer compiler.

I think the build jamfile could altered to do this. I spent a little time
at it but didn't immediately see how to do it. But I think it should be
possible. Its probably trivial for a BJAM guru - so feel free anyone. Also
it would be nice if it echoed a comment indicating that its skipping the XML
components for lack of SPIRIT_ROOT.

>BTW, your library is great and you should never feel that because you don't
>hear from others about it that this indicates a lack of interest in users.
>What it often indicates is that the library is working so flawlessly for
>99.99% of its needs that users are content and do not need to send you any
>reports about problems or errors.

>From my vantage point it has become so large and intricate after
accommodating all the "requirements" including features and portability that
it's really hard for me to believe that it actually works all that well. Oh

Robert Ramey

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