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From: Maxim Yegorushkin (e-maxim_at_[hidden])
Date: 2004-08-07 16:12:34

I am using boost::aligned_storage<> and I would like it to be aligned on 32 byte boundary (the reason being that sizeof(my type) is 32 bytes and I want it to be aligned on x86 cash line size so that it is cashed most effectively). I am working now under VC7.1 and it seems like the maximum alignment I can get with the compiler is 8 which is the alignment of the largest built-in type which is long double (or a pointer to member/function). But type_with_alignment.hpp seems to have special support for gcc in the form of:

namespace align {
struct __attribute__((__aligned__(2))) a2 {};
struct __attribute__((__aligned__(4))) a4 {};
struct __attribute__((__aligned__(8))) a8 {};
struct __attribute__((__aligned__(16))) a16 {};
struct __attribute__((__aligned__(32))) a32 {};

template<> class type_with_alignment<1> { public: typedef char type; };
template<> class type_with_alignment<2> { public: typedef align::a2 type; };
template<> class type_with_alignment<4> { public: typedef align::a4 type; };
template<> class type_with_alignment<8> { public: typedef align::a8 type; };
template<> class type_with_alignment<16> { public: typedef align::a16 type; };
template<> class type_with_alignment<32> { public: typedef align::a32 type; };

Are MSVSs going to be supported as they have similar extension __declspec(align(x))?

Maxim Yegorushkin

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