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From: Rene Rivera (grafik.list_at_[hidden])
Date: 2004-08-11 22:08:17

Wow! Sorry I missed this email... I was just cleaning out my inbox and
noticed it...

Russell Hind wrote:

> Given boost uses version numbers x.y.z such as
> 1.30.2
> 1.31.0
> The build system generated libs and stuff with -1_31 appended. I have a
> few questions about this:
> How is this generated?

It's generated by the "common-variant-tag" rule in
tools/build/v1/boost-base.jam - That rule is added to the requirements
of the targets in the Boost tree, both directly by library authors and
by the top level install Jamfile.

>We wish to build our own version of boost (based
> on one of the above releases, but with patches) so wanted to version it
> accordingly. The obvious way would be for us to version it so
> it is differentiated from the official 1.31 release. Unfortunately,
> boost only appears to support the x.y.z format.

More precisely this is how I figure that out:

     local version-tag = [ MATCH "^([^.]+).([^.]+)" :
$(version-number[1]) ] ;
     version-tag = $(version-tag:J="_") ;

Which means that we only support x.y format, as we assume that patch
version are compatible with each other.

> So we could number it 1.31.1 and hope boost doesn't release a 1.31.1.

Seems dangerous, and I think there's a better way -- You could set the
version to something like: 1.31a.0 (basically append some text after the
"1.31" but before the ".0".

> But I've edited boost/version.hpp to be 103101 and 1_31_1 and also the
> jamrules file to be 1.31.1 but the build-generated libs are still only
> post-fixed with -1_31. Where does the bulid system pick up the version
> number so I can modify it for the build and would it be easy to modify
> it to support w.x.y.z format so we don't run a risk of coliding with
> boost versions?

If you change the version number like I suggest above. You can then
leave boost/version.hpp alone. And then you have two choices for setting
the build system version number:

* Add "-sBOOST_VERSION=1.31a.0" when you build, or
* Change the BOOST_VERSION default in boost-root/Jamrules.

That is set BOOST_VERSION in some way so that the default doesn't apply.


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