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From: Bronek Kozicki (brok_at_[hidden])
Date: 2004-08-14 12:09:03

Bronek Kozicki wrote:
> Please note that I deployed temporary fix on cstring from libcomo 31.
> Comeau Computing may deliver different solution, and when it happens I'm
> going to deploy it.

I have received official fix from Comeau Computing and I'm replacing my
temporary solution with it (replacing header file while tests are
running may screw results, be warned). I'm attaching official cstring
file, so others may reproduce regression tests on Comeau compiler with



#include <string.h>

namespace std {

    using ::size_t;
    using ::memcpy;
    using ::memmove;
    using ::strcpy;
    using ::strncpy;
    using ::strcat;
    using ::strncat;
    using ::memcmp;
    using ::strcmp;
    using ::strcoll;
    using ::strncmp;
#ifndef __LCC__
    using ::strxfrm;
    using ::memchr;
    using ::strchr;
    using ::strcspn;
    using ::strpbrk;
    using ::strrchr;
    using ::strspn;
    using ::strstr;
    using ::strtok;
    using ::memset;
    using ::strerror;
    //using ::strlen;
#ifndef __BORLANDC__
    extern "C++" inline size_t strlen(const char *arg) { return ::strlen(arg); }



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